About Me

Hey, I’m Michael. I live in Des Moines, IA and I’m a Software Engineer at Hy-Vee, a $10B grocery tech company in the Midwest. As a web and mobile engineer, my primary focus is developing Aisles Online, Hy-Vee’s e-commerce grocery shopping platform – which serves millions of customers every year.

I’ve spoken across the U.S. and Europe at conferences, universities, and meet-ups about web development, design, and blockchain technology. I also actively contribute to my blog, writing about both technical and non-technical topics.

I grew up in small-town Illinois and went to school at Arizona State University, graduating with a degree in Business and Anthropology. I came to tech from a non-traditional background, with research focuses in business anthropology and cyberpsychology.

Talks & Lectures

Human-Centered Design & Humane Technology

Reactor Innovation Hub - Porto, Portugal 🇵🇹  | 2019

During this workshop, I facilitated group work focused on the side-effects of unethical and unhealthy design systems, a lack of trust and comradery in company cultures, and small, practical steps that can be taken to build trust networks and organic communities with colleagues and co-workers in the workplace and the greater industry.

The History & Future of Cryptocurrencies

South East European University - Skopje, North Macedonia 🇲🇰  | 2017

I taught a lecture about the historical origins and future trajectory of cryptocurrencies, starting with the creation of Bitcoin. The course investigated the underlying technologies that power blockchains, the problems they currently solve as well as those they aspire to solve, and the future of finance and decentralized payment transactions.

Facilitation & Continuing Community Education

Tirana Business Park - Tirana, Albania 🇦🇱  | 2017

This talk covered methods in which accelerators and incubators can further enable staff to facilitate the development of start-up ecosystems, help build sustainable and successful companies, and empower the broader community with technology workshops, design classes, educational experiences, and industry leader keynotes and mentorship.